Sunday, January 22, 2012

Salma hayek: Most Wore Outers Bold Celebrities At The Golden Globe In 2012?

Every artist who wanted to attend the Golden Globe Award award classmates would notice that they wear clothes and dikritisi will be highlighted by many people. In fact, the reputation and fame and money can be bet if they are wearing the wrong clothes.
In addition to the category Best Fashion and Clothing Worst , critics already chosen categories wore the most daring artists in the award.
Dailymail release-anyone who wore the most daring artists, among them are Salma Hayek, Wendi McLendon, and the model Erin Wasson.
Salma Hayek, a prized asset that is chest size above normal, seen wearing a tight black dress that is only partly cover the chest. Many eyes are gazing at the situation as he hoped, hope anxious, waiting for a moment on his shirt was slipping.
Similarly, experienced Wendi McLendon. Green satin shirt looks very fragile and easy to slip from his chest. There will be surprise that with a single pull just the dress to be slipping.
Imposed by Erin Wasson is more serious. Only wearing shorts as underwear, and just generally let the chest without cover, it imposes a very minimal berenda shirts, with the bottom of the tercabik-piece.
Alas, if Erin Wasson wore for the predicate as the most daring artists. Because it does not see any at all.

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