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The story of Bruce Lee lost to Silat

I got this article sent to me. Let's discuss together the truth article.

In 1973, Master 'Abdul Rahma
n deeply regrets was leaving the country to visit his brother who lives in England. Departure was accompanied by Dato 'Syed Ahmad Jamalullail, his brother. On the way to return home, they take a plane had stopped over at the airport in Hong Kong. While waiting for the next flight, he was disapa by Bruce Lee, Kung Fu expert and martial art Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee has found out that Professor Silat Seni Gayong, deeply regrets Abdul Rahman had been in Hong Kong. After introducing himself as Bruce Lee, the King of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee was challenged Dato 'Abdul Rahman to fight deeply regrets it. He wanted to see how great the art of self-owned house with the Malays called it. Bruce Lee says Abdul Rahman said if deeply regrets the win in a fight, martial deeply regrets Abdul Rahman is the best, BUT if Bruce Lee were to win the match, Arts Jeet Kune Do is the best invention in the world.

Dato 'Abdul Rahman bin Uda deeply regrets Mohd Hashim richness Dato 'Abdul Rahman look deeply regrets, apparently has com
e to the knowledge of Bruce Lee. Before that, in the year 1972, a troop of experts Kung Fu Hong Kong has come to Malaysia to search for martial arts figures to fight with Bruce Lee. Kung Fu expert delegation has met with Dato 'Abdul Rahman in Taiping deeply regrets. During the meeting, they were challenging Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets to show his ability.

Dato 'Abdul Rahman was arrested deeply regrets and lock all six members of the Kung Fu. Then, Dato 'deeply regrets had told members of the Kung Fu students meet with his right hand that Mr Ahmad bin FAQs. In view of Bruce Lee is still young and raw, Dato 'Abdul Rahman was deeply regrets to advise Bruce Lee only to forget his intention to try him. However, Bruce Lee will persist as well. As Bruce Lee continue to urge, the Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets finally meet the challenges of Bruce Lee said.

To prevent the situation from the hubbub, Bruce Lee and Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets accompanied by a few people go into the guest room on the ground the fly. Once the saw Dato 'Abdul Rahman has prepared deeply regrets, even with the speed of Bruce Lee also began to move his leg attack.

After several successful attacks averted, eventually Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets no choice but to respond by releasing a buffet (Fan Nandung) that right side of Bruce Lee. Buffet Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets the real poisonous led Bruce
Lee fell fell and menggelupur pain. Because compassion on Bruce Lee, Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets it can offer pukulannya on Bruce Lee using didoakan water and applied to the sore area. After Bruce Lee's recovery from the effects of stroke Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets that, in the end Bruce Lee with humility, acknowledge the greatness of Dato' Abdul Rahman and deeply regrets the edge martial knowledge.

Not long after the events of Bruce Lee fight with Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets this, Bruce Lee is reported to have died in Hong Kong due to a mysterious illness. (According to Daniel Inosanto, Bruce Lee's senior student, in the final days of Bruce Lee before he was found dead, Bruce Lee actively study the art of Malay Silat. Now the task is connected by Daniel Bruce Lee Inosanto, as the only heir who was commissioned by JKD Bruce Lee. Daniel Inosanto Silat have entered as part of the subjects of his Jeet Kune Do.)

He fought with Dicky Zulkarnaen (actor Indonesia's top around the early 80's) .. Ni Dicky fight with Bruce Lee on the ground together artists in martial arts .. When bertarungan Bruce Lee used 100% strength to the ribs tendangannya Dicky. As a result Dicky releasing energy accidentally cakranya the chest Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee last fall.


Of course, how hard is it one, one day he will meet death. According to the news - news and resources on the Internet, mass media and print media, he died of an illness. He collapsed while doing 'dubbing' for the film Enter The Dragon. Then, he can be cured of the disease I with the help of a doctor.


On July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee went to dinner with George Lazenby, James Bond actor is popular at the time.


Then, very busy schedule. In the evening, he felt headache and use of analgesic drugs (painkiller) and equagesic (self-contained aspirin and muscle relexant). So, at about 7:30 pm, he went to rest and sleep. But, after he did not down dinner, Chow came to apartmentnya and surprising love Lee but Lee did not wake up. A doctor tried to menyedarkannya before Lee was sent to Queen ElizabethHospital. However, Lee had died before reaching the pound hospital.So, it is the 'official story' about the death of Bruce Lee.

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Bruce Lee

Year 1940 is the year of the dragon, that year in a hospital in San Francisco-born Lee Hsiao Lung. Doctors who deal with the birth of the baby, gave her English name, Bruce. Thus the legend was born.

When I was 6 years old little Bruce was acting for the first time in a movie called "A Beginning Of A Boy". This is not surprising because his father Lee Hoi Chun is a film actor.

Bruce is a fragile children, including children who he even hard to eat. So when he was getting into fights in the style of the street he suffered defeat. At that time he was 14 years old. After discussion with his mother, he decided to study martial arts.

Types of martial arts which he learned was Wing Chun, he studied with Sifu Yip Man. He also studied with master kung fu Siu Hon Sung. Typically, it takes three weeks to master the 30 moments Siu Hon Sung, Bruce Lee only needs three nights only. Besides, Bruce Lee also received from his father's fencing skills. There is one unique thing, Bruce Lee is not only adept at martial arts. It turns out he was smart dancing cha-cha and even in 1958 he won the Hong Kong Cha-Cha trophy Championship.

Over time, Bruce Lee wanted to test the kungfunya expertise in real fights. And he was involved in a street brawl. Police give warning to the mother if Bruce did not stop ulahnya then he will be arrested. Then his father made the decision to send Bruce to the United States in order to become more accountable to U.S. $ 100 jawab.Dengan armed to the homeland she left San Francisco by ship. On the way Bruce is still time to make money by giving a course of dance cha-cha.

In San Francisco, Bruce was deposited to his father's friend, Ruby Chow, the owner of a restaurant. Bruce also participated in the restaurant. After completing high school, Bruce was still vigorous physical build. Not enough for him just being a martial arts expert is good, he must be the best.

Bruce was then decided to continue my study in Seattle and majored in philosophy. At the university he met a fellow Asian called Taki Kimura of Kimura had experienced a series of racist attacks. Based on compassion, Bruce Kimura motivate themselves to increase prices by way of his martial arts training. This was the origin of kung fu martial arts school and not long after the school had stood. This school is open to the public or for anyone interested. In stark contrast to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, kung fu is no secret that science should be taught to people at random. Only respectable people are allowed to learn kung fu.

In 1961 he met a girl named Linda Emery. They fall in love, get married, and followed Brandon Shannon was born two years later.

In 1964, in a karate tournament, Bruce demonstrates one inch punch stance is legendary. A television producer who was very impressed with the appearance of Bruce's full intensity and concentration. Then he made the approach on the part of Bruce Lee. After going through the screening test, Bruce finally gets a role as Kato in Green Hornet film. Kato is only a supporting role in that film, but its popularity to defeat its main role, especially in Hong Kong,

Van Williams, the main star Green Hornet, tells about the many stunt-man was wounded by Bruce movement, the result difficult to find stunt-man who was willing to work with Bruce. Bruce also has a very fast movements to be captured by the camera so that Bruce was forced to slow down the movement.

After the project "Green Hornet" after Bruce's kung fu school opens again a new one called "Lee Jun Fan, Gung Fu Institute". This is where Bruce Lee learned to use weapons nunchaku. The celebrities had to learn kung fu in this place like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Coburn, and Steve McQueen. Bruce's popularity also increased and this increase the value of a Bruce Lee, for a practice session for an hour a set price 300US $.

In the new school was also Bruce's Jeet Kune Do techniques to create, cutting techniques of attack. Bruce believes the attack to cut better and faster than in the past to withstand attacks.

In 1967, Bruce starred in "A Man Called Ironside", as a martial arts master, Bruce often doing his own stunts without a stunt-man. His film career continues, until finally he could fulfill what is aspired to be paid is more expensive than Steve McQueen perfilm.

With particular consideration of Bruce decided to continue his movie career in Hong Kong. Starred in several films, now Bruce has been regarded as a national hero. Not satisfied with all that, he opened his own company because he wanted to write a screenplay, directed, starred in movies as well as next. Again Bruce's work, some film production company is selling well.

After a series of films made and successes achieved, on May 10, 1973 Bruce suddenly unconscious for half an hour when you fill dubbing for "Enter The Dragon". The doctor gave him prescription Manatol, drug used to treat symptoms of brain swelling (swelling of the brain).

On July 20, 1973, Bruce plans to meet with Raymond Chow and Betty Ting Pei, who will become one of the stars in the film "Game of Death." At home Betty, Bruce complained of headache and then he drank Aguagesic, usual headache medicine consumed Betty. Then Bruce lay down, apparently asleep when the attack brain swelling has come back. Finally Bruce died in the emergency room Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Mysteries Behind the Death of Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee's death news was a shock, even many who do not believe it. Various speculations about his death emerged, such as:

1. He was murdered by gangsters for refusing to pay protection money, a common practice in Hong Kong's role in world cinema at the time.
2. He was murdered shaolin warrior who was angry because Bruce has been spreading the kung fu to everyone in the world
3. Bruce condemned for having bought a house haunted
4. Bruce died while having an affair with Betty Ting Pei
5. Most Chinese people believe Bruce was killed for being too hard to practice kung fu

Apart from these speculations, the medical facts mentioned Bruce died after being in a coma because of cerebral edema, brain swelling due to excess fluid.

Here there hal2 who you may not know about Bruce Lee.

1. Bruce Lee has a congenital defect: long legs and the next big testes.
2. Bruce Lee pake actually quite thick glasses, and he used a soft lens. It turned out that in America there is already a soft lens of antiquity.
3. Bruce Lee was not 100% Chinese, his mother Grace Lee is a half-breed Chinese & German, so it can be said of Bruce Lee have a 1 / 4 German blood.
4. Bruce Lee first appeared in the film at the age of 3 months. He brought his father, one who is very well known in the Chinese Opera to perform in her first film.
5. In an auction, a handwritten letter of Bruce Lee to motivate himself with the title, "My definite Chief Aim" sold for U.S. $ 29.500.
6. Bruce Lee speed punch is 1 / 500 seconds from a distance of about 1 meter to the target.
7. Bruce Lee's a very powerful for its size, he can do pull ups 50 times with one hand. Bolo Yeung (aka Chong Li) who has never won that much big arm wrestling opponent Bruce Lee.
8. Bruce Lee could perform push ups with one hand only with 2 fingers (forefinger and thumb) and sometimes with two hands, but only using the thumb only.
9. Bruce Lee popularized the technique of 'one inch punch' of boxing from a distance of 1 inch, and at a karate tournament, he was practicing on a Japanese judo champion who weighs about 100 kg. Here it looks pejudo punched from a distance of 1 inch to lift both feet off the floor.
10. At the age of 13 years Bruce Lee studied at the Yip Man Wing Chun for the study because at that time he joined a gang and often fights with other gangs. He thought if teman2 his gang was not with him, what if he was attacked rame2.
11. Bruce Lee There are three students who never win the World Karate Champion: Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis and Mike Stone.
12. In the USA Bruce Lee taught kung fu to all races with no pilih2, and therefore she is challenged by another kung fu school with whistle-blowing allegations of Chinese Martial Art to the other races. Bruce Lee accepted the challenge and beat the TSB representatives from college in 3 minutes. Bruce Lee was disappointed, he said the fight must take place within a few seconds. From here he began to practice even harder, and find the concepts of "Jeet Kune Do".
13. Film Dragon The Bruce Lee Story, starring Jason Scott Lee who is a movie that is not accurate in describing the true story of Bruce Lee. In the film Bruce Lee kicked his back, became paralyzed and had to sit in a wheelchair. In a real incident, Bruce Lee's injury was because she practiced with overload and cause a spinal injury, and in fact he never sat in a wheelchair.
14. In a break from his spinal cord injury during the 6 months of Bruce Lee, created the book "Tao of Jeet Kune Do," which became a best seller.
15. Some time before the death of Bruce Lee, pa qua (a kind of talisman who are believed to ward off evil spirits) on Bruce Lee's house fell in the wind.

Bruce Play Ping-Pong

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Datuk Siti Nurhaliza 2

"This is a photo former lover Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza ? hehe .. It was said they were in love since the first days of school. Check out these pictures:




Romantic - washing dishes together!






Laa .. dream ... it looks EHEHE

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Yesterday, late at 11 pm Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Sharifah Amani chat program going to speak Do not Sleep Again . Both celebrities are really cute and nice pickup in TV. See exclusive nor any plans to invite both TV3 is going to star with two host madly and the betting audience. Adlin Aman Ramli hose until fight-rush with Azwan Ali to interview Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. Fortunately, uniforms do not talk about Siti Nurhaliza pictures bath in the sea with Datuk K. Remember how pictures Fahrin Ahmad curved shower with Linda Onn to? All my things like uniforms and menyibuk Channel project. In Duk gossip people, Adlin Aman Ramli ni girlfren betting when he brought him into his own program. Adlin Aman Ramli who awek? If you want to know, because he pleaded Adlin great love of Amelia Rusnaida sister, Emelda Rosmila Manjalara actor. Adlin Baguslah admit I love the priceless Lara. Eh! Talk about Manjalara, now my hot center of my drama. Just now, the character off Mustapha Kamal. Damn! Not true love. Sahara like normal, until I feel bad giler I swear he curse je Kat. Ngetopnya Manjalara drama ni get to have big pants the night I called the funeral market Manjalara pants ... surprising, I-selling items. The lid is a bit like Sam gak la.

gambar amani

Siti Nurhaliza-filled face reprimanded and asked bilalah Adlin I will probably have a body double. For fans, I said do not worry, if I have living children, she will of tau. Siti most people want to give birth ... even in four. In terms of career, I have big projects for the fans to come. So far, I thank him and he did everything for our fans. This is a dream for me so far as to issue the album of traditional English and holds the largest concert ever held a grand. Just wait for time. Azwan was about to intervene during the month and throughout the year, I only kept their honeymoon. What taknya, Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk K take the opportunity to work abroad com, he will want to follow.

Adlin is tease, if there is demand for Siti, Datuk K sang before they sleep. Siti just shy smiles je I answered. Aunt I have to ask ... I most late Datuk K sleep at what? Answer me, if you have the best movie, Datuk K will sleep in the hours of 1 am. Mmm ... less gak tu. The kelakarnya, the seal Azwan Ali itching before bed I asked what she and Datuk K will do. Ceh! I would not even want to put the seal uniforms know what to do. In addition to ask what programs still place tomorrow ... try to guess what uniforms do? I nih ha menyibuk seal. Piii rs!

Siti could sure and Pantera song Freedom. Mendayu voice is so delicious and I ... Budiey always luv it!

Syarifah Amani still short hair I want to learn many languages, he said that he can play up to foreign films. Let proud to be a successful Malaysian children. If you can get to Hollywood. Wow! Meletop is you Nani! I can not wait to see the film Muallaf Syarifah Amani acting later. Many bloggers see my entertainment. Uniforms say it was a movie I GEMPAK exhausted. But love is short-tu Prayojana Muallaf. Per hour over a little jack. Budiey not see again. Wait wait ... is pre watch do not know when. Next year for sure!

Oops I forget to take pictures Syarifah Amani ... erk! Next time leh?

gambar terkini siti nurhaliza

foto ct

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gambar siti terbaru

gambar siti nuheliza

gambar tok t

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Behind the Hollywood actress's beauty and good looks

Paris prominent figures of society who do not have eyes apparently normal in size in the left eye, which seems more wistful than the right, Many people have not noticed it because it was covered by hair style wah and make up to cover the state of his eyes.

Kate Bosworth
's eyes are always appear beautiful artist made without deficiencies, it appears well maintained and always in fashion. But look closer, his eyes look different colors, one blue, hazel color atunya again

Madona may often change hair styles, body styles, and clothing several times a year, but one thing can not change the physical, ie the distance between front teeth that can not ever be replaced

Lilly Allen
who Well here's a bit bw and gan: loud, (sorry not mean bw) doi did have a nipple / teat aka breast milk instead of two three-gan, and ashamed to admit it shamelessly doi gan. The fact still show shortcomings doi prefer it to the events hosted at the television station.

Doi who sang gan BF film soundtracks (Batman Forever),
Pop Star of "cute" is suffering from conditions that affect the face and scalp. Many fans think that the shortcomings that are characteristic became a distinct advantage, his own wife admitted

Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford mole. Some observers have argued that hollywood celebrities mole cindy cindy more famous than their own. When Cindy began began his career as an artist, he was asked to remove the droppings lalatnya, but fortunately failed request was executed as a result droppings lalatnya became a special characteristic of this supermodel in every smile

Will Smith
is one actor saktu ane gan pride, but the suspect turned out to greet the new ane know that doi have a problem in hearing

Megan Fox
No Ordinary as seen, this world's sexiest woman has a deficiency that could be considered. Actually two both - Doi had thumb that looks like clappers (stocky). This condition is experienced by approximately one out of 1000 people.

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Carissa Puteri

Late in 2008, artist Carissa Puteri ketiban love. After a long menjomblo, movie stars Ayat-Ayat Cinta is finally falling into the arms of a man. Who is that man? What is clear he is not the artist nor a Caucasian man.

Carissa refused to give further identity berth in men's hearts. "Incidentally I first met with him. So now I am still the process to explore a deeper relationship, "he said.

To be sure, continued Carissa, her boyfriend was not an albino, nor an artist. "The news he was once one of the artist. He's a regular person, not from the entertainment scene, "explained artist who had reportedly in love with Fedi Nuril location, opposite co-star in the film Paragraph-Ayat Cinta.

Although not a profession, Carissa called her boyfriend as a man who understands his activities as an artist and that's been looking for. "My boyfriend is understood by my activities and that's all I need. Good people, understanding and the coincidence one religion, "he said.

Unfortunately, just invented, Carissa had planned to leave her boyfriend. "I'll renewal year in Australia with family and friends alone. The plan is there for two weeks, "said Carissa.

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Actor - Jet Li

Jet Li (born in Beijing, China, 26 April 1963 aged 46 years) is an actor of U.S. citizens born in Beijing, the PRC whose hobby playing wushu. He was born in Beijing. He began his career in the film world since 1982. Jet Li is 1 of the many actors that were never a formal education in the field of acting.

Jet Li began studying martial arts since he was 8 years old. Many have medals that he got from this Wushu athlete.

When there is a booming movie Kung Fu in China around the year 80's, the attraction of this fascinating world of Jet Li's role is not yet 20 years old. Jet Li jumped into the film world in his first movie Shaolin Temple.

The actor who had ngetop through ONCE UPON A sequel TIME IN CHINA gained the nickname 'Jet' because the movements are fast and because of the Filipinos who felt hard to say the original name of Jet Li.

Career Jet Li apparently did not stop at Hong Kong only. Jet Li agreed to play the villain in Lethal Weapon 4 movie because the director promised to put Jet Li in the title role in next movie. And it's so true when Jet Li starred in Romeo MUST DIE in the year 2000.

The game Jet Li in the film DANNY THE DOG could surprise some fans for not normally Jet Li played a character like that.

The actor who had refused a role in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden because Dragon had promised his wife would not be playing the film during her pregnancy was planned to immediately end his career in Kung Fu films and concentrate on his other film genres. One that included in the plan is making a documentary about Buddhism.

Jet Li while rarely appearing in the entertainment world because he was concentrating more on its social activities. Since the unfortunate result of the tsunami in 2004, he founded the humanitarian organization's One Foundation in January 2005. The concept is, everyone to donate a dollar each month. In this way, hopefully he can invite more people to help others.



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