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angelina jolie
Angelina Jolie looks beside her body two Brad Pitt at the 2008 Film Independent's Spirit Awards

The death of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson a conspiracy?

All know that Princess Diana and Michael Jackson to death right. Princess Diana died because of an accident with her future husband while Michael Jackson is dead overdos drugs.

I noticed that in both cases with Michael Jackson and Princess Diana is a conspiracy of this kind of want to hide something jer. This thing it was told in some forum / website. I do not remember very kat mana. But I will try to share the korang why Princess Diana's death and Michael Jackson this a conspiracy.

Because religion

If you noticed, both victims of this will convert to the religion of Islam. How Princess Diana, she would marry Dodi Al-Fayed, the son of millionaire owner of Harrods building of a Muslim. Princess Diana is said also in the process learn the religion of Islam with a friend. While Michael Jackson is said to have embraced the religion of Islam when the dead.


Korang kind of knew, both victims of this conspiracy is well-known person in the world.Again, the western world, tuh lah kat. Glad to say Princess Diana and Michael Jackson this is an icon / idol to some people. So, generally, what is the icon / idol for this world, must be many who will come right. Korang to imagine if the two announce this icon dorang embraced the religion of Islam?

Tu la for me two things to be feared by the enemies of Islam right. Add-plus deaths of both victims close to the date of this announce dorang embraced the religion of Islam.How Princess Diana, she died when a few months before marriage to Dodi Al-Fayed, while Michael Jackson was a few months before his last concert in which he said he wanted to officially announce that he had converted to Islam. It happened right.

It's the beginning of the death of the police held an investigation of all kinds busy. But really all the movie je tu for me. Diana first kind of case, all sorts of investigations carried out, eventually it just stayed a question mark. Conspiracy was already the name right, but the cause of death tu "excuse" to cover up a murder carried out by a higher organization. Who knows right. We have disclosed in this file la kan Wikileaks.

Either way, I hope the two victims to justice in full. What are the views korang?

p / s: I view only this entry je. I do not know the correct one.But there is a forum to discuss things like this jugak.

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