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The story of Bruce Lee lost to Silat

I got this article sent to me. Let's discuss together the truth article.

In 1973, Master 'Abdul Rahma
n deeply regrets was leaving the country to visit his brother who lives in England. Departure was accompanied by Dato 'Syed Ahmad Jamalullail, his brother. On the way to return home, they take a plane had stopped over at the airport in Hong Kong. While waiting for the next flight, he was disapa by Bruce Lee, Kung Fu expert and martial art Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee has found out that Professor Silat Seni Gayong, deeply regrets Abdul Rahman had been in Hong Kong. After introducing himself as Bruce Lee, the King of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee was challenged Dato 'Abdul Rahman to fight deeply regrets it. He wanted to see how great the art of self-owned house with the Malays called it. Bruce Lee says Abdul Rahman said if deeply regrets the win in a fight, martial deeply regrets Abdul Rahman is the best, BUT if Bruce Lee were to win the match, Arts Jeet Kune Do is the best invention in the world.

Dato 'Abdul Rahman bin Uda deeply regrets Mohd Hashim richness Dato 'Abdul Rahman look deeply regrets, apparently has com
e to the knowledge of Bruce Lee. Before that, in the year 1972, a troop of experts Kung Fu Hong Kong has come to Malaysia to search for martial arts figures to fight with Bruce Lee. Kung Fu expert delegation has met with Dato 'Abdul Rahman in Taiping deeply regrets. During the meeting, they were challenging Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets to show his ability.

Dato 'Abdul Rahman was arrested deeply regrets and lock all six members of the Kung Fu. Then, Dato 'deeply regrets had told members of the Kung Fu students meet with his right hand that Mr Ahmad bin FAQs. In view of Bruce Lee is still young and raw, Dato 'Abdul Rahman was deeply regrets to advise Bruce Lee only to forget his intention to try him. However, Bruce Lee will persist as well. As Bruce Lee continue to urge, the Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets finally meet the challenges of Bruce Lee said.

To prevent the situation from the hubbub, Bruce Lee and Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets accompanied by a few people go into the guest room on the ground the fly. Once the saw Dato 'Abdul Rahman has prepared deeply regrets, even with the speed of Bruce Lee also began to move his leg attack.

After several successful attacks averted, eventually Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets no choice but to respond by releasing a buffet (Fan Nandung) that right side of Bruce Lee. Buffet Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets the real poisonous led Bruce
Lee fell fell and menggelupur pain. Because compassion on Bruce Lee, Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets it can offer pukulannya on Bruce Lee using didoakan water and applied to the sore area. After Bruce Lee's recovery from the effects of stroke Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets that, in the end Bruce Lee with humility, acknowledge the greatness of Dato' Abdul Rahman and deeply regrets the edge martial knowledge.

Not long after the events of Bruce Lee fight with Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets this, Bruce Lee is reported to have died in Hong Kong due to a mysterious illness. (According to Daniel Inosanto, Bruce Lee's senior student, in the final days of Bruce Lee before he was found dead, Bruce Lee actively study the art of Malay Silat. Now the task is connected by Daniel Bruce Lee Inosanto, as the only heir who was commissioned by JKD Bruce Lee. Daniel Inosanto Silat have entered as part of the subjects of his Jeet Kune Do.)

He fought with Dicky Zulkarnaen (actor Indonesia's top around the early 80's) .. Ni Dicky fight with Bruce Lee on the ground together artists in martial arts .. When bertarungan Bruce Lee used 100% strength to the ribs tendangannya Dicky. As a result Dicky releasing energy accidentally cakranya the chest Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee last fall.


Of course, how hard is it one, one day he will meet death. According to the news - news and resources on the Internet, mass media and print media, he died of an illness. He collapsed while doing 'dubbing' for the film Enter The Dragon. Then, he can be cured of the disease I with the help of a doctor.


On July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee went to dinner with George Lazenby, James Bond actor is popular at the time.


Then, very busy schedule. In the evening, he felt headache and use of analgesic drugs (painkiller) and equagesic (self-contained aspirin and muscle relexant). So, at about 7:30 pm, he went to rest and sleep. But, after he did not down dinner, Chow came to apartmentnya and surprising love Lee but Lee did not wake up. A doctor tried to menyedarkannya before Lee was sent to Queen ElizabethHospital. However, Lee had died before reaching the pound hospital.So, it is the 'official story' about the death of Bruce Lee.

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