Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Friendly On Twitter?

Apparently, Rihanna fans angry with him back to see him respond to each other through mutual Twitter page with a former lover, Chris Brown.
After three years of separation because of frequent violence Chris Barbados born singer's hit, both seem to relate when they returned frequently to visit their Twitter accounts.
Their closeness was evident as Cris expresses love to his former girlfriend's to say, "Love U more than U know!" On 29 December.
Even Rihanna has responded well to respond to the same he also had a sense of singer 'Next To You' by sending entry "And we on da same page ... (For the most part). I'll always love u # 1LOVE. "
Chris and Rihanna come back closer through the Twitter site in May tahunl make it welcoming and Rihanna fans of wide-open.
So Rihanna just explain their relation to send Twitter posts, "This is just on twitter, not at the altar, quiet time".

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