Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Short life story of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Have you seen the "Terminator" movie? If you did, you must known Arnold. Yes Arnold Schwarzenegger, a very well-known actor in Hollywood. But do you know who Arnold actually is?

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, was a celebrated actor in Hollywood, he leads a lot of good movies, from action up to comedies. He was not only good in acting; Arnold is also a bodybuilder and a politician; he is the Governor of California.

Arnold was the second son in the family, his father was a police officer who taught him good values and who brought him up with a harsh and disciplined environment. Like his father, Arnold was great in sport, and builds his dream to become a body builder. With his ambition he began to start bodybuilding at the age of fifteen, after he joined soccer team of Austria. Later on, Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the army in 1965, there he starts to become serious about his body and start having a strict diet. On that time he also took part in joining Mr. Junior Europe and he won on that contest. After that he joined a lot of competition about body and figures and won. This was the start of his career, it was 1970 when he entered Hollywood and took the first movie. His first movie was "Hercules Goes to New York", and he won the Golden Globe Award for new best actor in the movie "Stay Hungry" in 1976.

Arnold movies did not really click until the movie "Terminator", because of this movie many projects came up and make him famous and live in a deluxe life. He got also a degree in international economics from the Wisconsin university and takes it to higher level. He also wrote articles about body building magazines, Muscle and fitness, and flex.

Arnold is not just an actor but he is a real gift. And this talent make him famous and rich, but this time Arnold Schwarzenegger is a public servant he is serving the people in California as Governor. This is what the saying says "Use your aptitude in a nice way, and it will reward you for better-quality goodness".

But now Arnold Schwarzenegger was changed. Look at the picture ...

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