Sunday, January 22, 2012

Salma Hayek: Is okay to make the world jealous of my beauty.

Salma Hayek: Tuhan, Beri Aku Dada Besar

Salma Hayek is okay to make the world jealous of her beauty. But who would have thought that the actress is 45 years at first it had to feel inferior with her body shape is not at all sexy. Mindernya So, he prayed to God to be a big chest!
This was disclosed by Salma when she comes on The Graham Norton Show in order to promote his latest film Puss IN BOOTS. As reported Splashnews, interview discussion was widened to adolescence Salma who was a little tomboy.
"I was the youngest in the class, and when all the girls were already beginning to have breasts, I have not got anything. I was really scared then. I'm getting tempted because everyone is older, while I myself was a skinny tomboy girl , "said Salma at the time.
Feel inferior due to the excess, he took the initiative to go to church to ask for a large chest on the Lord Jesus. With all her innocence at the time, Salma hopes her prayers answered. Apparently God heard his prayers so that the body be sexy Salma like now.
"I went to church in hopes of finding many miracles there. I put my hand on the holy water and began to pray, 'Please, Jesus, give me a big chest," said Salma .
In addition to talks about her breasts, the Mexican actress also tells of the difficulty while undergoing filming Puss IN BOOTS. Kitty figure which he said was funny and adorable it also makes it difficult. Because he's not used to saying the name 'Kitty Softpaws', so often a mistake to 'Kitty Soft Porn'.
"It was hard to pronounce his name. So I just call him Kitty Soft Porn (Kitty Porn). At first it's hard, but now I was getting used to mention it," he said. (Spl / ris)

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