Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrities Collection: Ryan plays the latest movie Green Lantern

SAN DIEGO July 25 - Ryan Reynolds character in the new movie Green Lantern will not only enable it to play as a hero, but also jokes and spend with the girls.

Reynold along with other cast as Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong and director Martin Campbell to present at the suction of the film and comic convention, the largest in the world of popular art, Comic-Conyesterday.

In fact, the majority than 6,000 fans in attendance could berkampung just do not want to miss the opportunity to watch the film extracts.

Campbell said the 3D film, combined with realistic action and humor that revolves around the journey to the planet OA of the Green Lanterns homes.

According to Campbell, the movie action hero costume is still in the making, while the plot of the story is set. Green Lantern will be face to face with the enemy, Parallax. - AP

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Celebrities Collection: Pitt, Jolie win privacy damages from UK tabloid

Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie accepted undisclosed damages on Thursday from a Sunday newspaper in Britain over claims they were separating, their lawyer said.

The unmarried actors had sued the News of the World on privacy grounds over a front-page story in January that claimed they had consulted a lawyer and were dividing up their assets and access to their six children.

The story was picked up by media organisations around the world, but the tabloid newspaper has now agreed to publish an apology and pay the couple their costs and damages, their lawyer Keith Schilling said.

Schilling said the couple’s US lawyers had written to the newspaper to inform them the allegations were false but it failed to issue a retraction, and the publication “spawned an array of false stories” all over the world.

“In consequence, when the News of the World failed to publicly retract the allegations and apologise for them — thereby leaving their readers in the dark as to the true position — the couple felt they had no alternative than to sue,” Schilling said after the hearing in London’s High Court.

“Today’s victory marks the end of the litigation brought by Brad and Angelina.”

The couple, who were not present in court, would give the damages to charity, Schilling said.

The News of the World, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News International group and one of Britain’s biggest-selling papers, said it would not be commenting on the case. It is expected to publish the apology in Sunday’s edition. - AFP

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrities Collection: Paris Hilton Boyfriend- The Malaysian?

Paris Hilton is said to have a male friend of the man from Malysia Malaysia.Teman is alleged to be a millionaire. Who is he? Is he boyfriend of Paris Hilton?

In Jilbab today reported that Malaysia is a multi-millionaire Taek Jho Low. The syoknya, experts from Malaysia did not even know who this Taek Jho Low. It millionaire Taek Jho Low ni very mysterious. So, who is Taek Jho Low? If you read the article below, as if Taek Jho Low giler ni rich against the richest in the world.

NEW YORK - Some celebrities website revealed that the millionaire with a celebrity Paris Hilton in Paris is Taek Jho Low.

Several websites, including magazine OK! report last Friday, Paris underwent a photography session on a boat in Paris by wearing sexy pink dress.

Celebrities that are in Paris with her sister, Nicky Hilton during the photography session.

According to the magazine OK!, Malaysian tycoon is labeled as a mystery man, and he reportedly spent huge sums of money at clubs around the world.

Previously, Paris saw the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa to take a private jet from London to the Malaysian delegation millionaire.

Malaysian tycoon who is getting the attention of magazines and celebrity websites in the West?

On 8 November 2009, the New York Post reported the presence of Low, aged 20's, who is a graduate of Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, USA in nightclubs in New York to spend thousands of dollars in the past three months.

Low a concentration of newspapers when he along with several celebrities such as singer P. Diddy is in a known location in the city.

The newspaper also labeled Low as a mysterious man from Malaysia.

According to the newspaper, which gave gempal Low and glassy eyes reported never send drink 23 bottles of Cristal to actress Lindsay Lohan to celebrate his birthday.

Owners club Pink Elephant on 27th Street, New York, David Sarner said to the newspaper, Low usually spend U.S. $ 50,000 (RM161, 150) to U.S. $ 60,000 (RM193, 380) yesterday.

According to him, had flown eight servers Low club to attend a party in Malaysia.

According to the newspaper, Low birth anniversary was celebrated in an extravagant party in Las Vegas and the actress Megan Fox reportedly flown to attend the party.

New York Post report, it is very strange because not much information about the man who was widely noticed.

According to the newspaper, according to an official biography of the man, he served as an advisor to several international companies.

However, when the New York P
ost tried to interview experts in Malaysia as the thinkers of the Council of Foreign Relations, have never heard the name Low.

According to newspaper sources, Low lived in an apartment with a rental rate of U.S. $ 100,000 (RM322, 300) a month at the Park Imperial, which is the location of features James Bond actor Daniel Craig and P. Diddy.

He will not go to any unless accompanied by a security guard.

On 24 March, the New York Post report Low pay U.S. $ 33 million (RM106.35 million) for a penthouse in a Central Park West which recorded record sales in New York.

U.S. billionaire, Donald Trump bought the apar
tment at a price of U.S. $ 5 million (RM16.11 million) in 1997 before selling it a year later at a price of U.S. $ 10.4 million (RM33.51 million) to the Italian film, Vittorio Checchi Gori.

Press reports Low buy it through a penthouse.

On July 1 last, the New York Post reported that the mysterious man left the apartment at the Park Imperial headed to an unknown location.

His name then find it again in magazines and websites Hollywood celebrity after he was reported to be common in Paris. - Agencies - Kosmo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

celebrities-collection; Who is Jessica Simpson's new boyfriend?

Looks like Jessica Simpson has found quite a catch in former football star Eric Johnson.

"He's one of the nicest guys around," says an NFL insider, who has worked with the ex-San Francisco 49ers player. "I'm surprised he is dating her. She is such a big star and he is so reserved."

Johnson, who also played briefly for the New Orleans Saints, definitely has experience with the limelight, however.

The 6' 3" Needham, Massachusetts, native has excelled at sports since he was a kid. At 13, he hit a hole in one on the golf course, and he broke 11 school records while playing wide receiver for Yale University. He's also a former academic All-American, who was called "The Big Nerd" by his Yale friends, according to a 2004 article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"He is very smart," says the NFL source, "and he is one of the most down-to-earth athletes I know."

And that could come in handy when dating a Hollywood starlet.

Simpson began dating Johnson in May after friends introduced them. He's currently separated from his wife, Keri, who filed for divorce earlier this year.

"He is the polar opposite of what you think of when you say 'player,' " says the NFL source. "When I met him, he was driving a Prius when other athletes were driving gas-guzzling cars."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Various Presumption of Death Park Yong-ha

DEATH Winter Sonata star Park Yong-ha, who committed suicide at his home Wednesday and still have not determined the cause.

Since his father suffer from stomach cancer, Park through the days very difficult. She worried about her health as a result semakit severe disease.

Meanwhile, a friend of 32-year-old actor tells Park to take the decision to stay and take care of his father full time. Feeling pity for her father to cause him as to blame but themselves.

Besides perasaanitu, another reason he killed himself that allows him was the failure of the business earns.

Young man who was born on August 12, 1977 that have their own business and his father is a director of a company earns.

As cited portal Soompi, business carried on Park and his father is not running smoothly. One of the managers in the industry have committed financial fraud resulting in the loss company.

Problem more complicated when his debt with a large amount because other people want to settle the debt. Park also said intends to sell his car to carry out the debt.

Meanwhile, the ejection song Just For Yesterday was also suffering from insomnia since 14 years ago. It is said to occur since starting his career in the entertainment world.

Through accounts Twitternya, Park was told that he was taking sleeping medication every night.

Will all this lead Park to suspend himself in his house? Sure, winning the Best Asian Artist Japan Gold Disc Awards will not leave any letters before committing suicide.

He could only say sorry over and over again to his father the night before the incident.

Despite the unknown cause of death Park, the family rejected the body of Park was opened to investigate. The late film star The Scam was buried in a traditional Buddhist ceremony, yesterday.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan on flight to Maldives:

Kareena Kapoor and Saif ali khan starrer Tashan hit the theatres this Friday, receiving mixed reviews. Tashan was infact the film that brought kareena kapoor and Saif ali khan together in real life too and it also confirmed the split between Kareena kapoor and Shahid. Tashan is the project of Yashraj Films and received all the media attention due to real life love masala involving kareena kapoor and Saif ali khan.

kareena kapoor and Saif ali khan have decided to take a break and go holidaying in Maldives. Not to mention the crew and all the staff members were thrilled to have the star-couple in the business class of their flight. After all, it is not always that you get to see Bollywood’s most talked about love birds getting cozy with each other.

A close friend of Kareena kapoor said, “Bebo had been shooting non-stop with Main Aur Mrs Khanna and been busy with her cover and endorsement shoots for the last couple of months while Saif had been busy with Race so when they got a few days off last week she and Saif decided to go off to the Maldives and spend a few restful days there away from the media glare”.

Katrina Kaif and her skirt naturally attracts controversies

Katrina Kaif, bollywood’s hottest heroine, seem to have the knack of getting into controversies with her skirt.

Katrina Kaif first created a controversy by visiting the holy Sufi shrine at Ajmer in a short skirt to shoot a scene for Vipul Shah’s bollywood film, Namastey London.Vipul Shah came to her rescue by deleting the entire sequence involving Katrina Kaif, in a short skirt, at the holy Sufi shrine.

Katrina Kaif has again created a controversy recently.This is again for another Vipul Shah produced movie, “Singh Is Kinng” pairing Akshay Kumar. Katrina Kaif was all set to shoot against the backdrop of the great pyramids in Egypt, along with co-star Akshay Kumar.The Egyptian police reportedly arrived at the scene and objected to Katrina Kaif’s outfit that exposed her bare legs.Egypt is a predominantly muslim nation and skin revealing outfits are not accepted in public places.However director Anees Bazmee was very determined to shoot “Singh Is Kinng” at the pyramids, and managed to get the matter resolved amicably.Katrina Kaif and her skirt makes her too hot and sexy that seems to naturally attract controversies.

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