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Men in Life Deborah Henry

WORLD fashion, modeling and art are well within internationally acclaimed model of dengue-India cross the Irishman. Who does not know the name of beauty, Deborah Priya Henry, 26, (Deborah Henry) is.

Deborah often involved in international modeling stage, such as Dior, Gucci and Zang Toi. At age 18, he was hailed as a career peragaannya in England for a year and then in Australia. He also made an appearance in the ad Perodua, Coke, now with Celcom and Habib Jewels.

From the other side, Deborah also has an interest in children and establish an educational center to place refugee children in the country with a good friend who had studied with him at the same university.

Former graduates majoring in economics and political science from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia is not left to continue the high ambitions to seize the title of Miss Universe 2011 to be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil by September next.

Take heart

Deborah tried to learn the characters are confident and wise to speak like throwing arguments,OopStarz! Dig his views on men from a model eye.

In many of the criteria, Deborah believes, men with character and always strive hard to achieve what is desired is easier to reach out to women of today.

"To me, men look down at number two and the crucial need to know how to bring the man himself, character, know how to treat others and intelligent communication.

"All that I mentioned earlier must also be in line with global thinking and open no matter a person came from Malaysia, Australia or any country whatsoever. From there, he will learn to appreciate others.

"The man in charge is also much easier to receive a fair reward in life," he said in a thick British slang.

Deborah said the problems that often involve men and women is causing a misunderstanding big fights. There is also a man self-conscious and women to put aside the women in the number two in his heart.

In fact, a woman needs a man who cares so deeply with the way women love to dive into it.

"So, men should know how to romance and to appreciate every thing done by women in some things," he said.

However, when the squeeze on its status is still single, Deborah refused to continue the story of the romance as the case consider the question more personal touch.

Like to challenge themselves

177 centimeters tall and 54 kilograms of body weight, Deborah is not only involved in modeling, but she also studied the field of hosting and acting.

This woman is conducting talk show program titled Bella in ntv7 three times a week on every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 11.30 am.

The program is also run by Daphne Iking and Elaine Daly began Monday to Friday at the same time.

"I enjoy the live program operates like Bella with Daphne and Elaine in talking about various topics and interesting issues involving men and women.

"Although this is the first time I called a lawyer, but I'm comfortably hosts this program as it is relaxing and not according to script," he said.

In addition to hosting television programs and hosting events, she also appeared in the film saga Merong Mahawangsa as a side character named Yesoddhra.

He began to pursue modeling since the age of 15 years and was elected as Miss World Malaysia in 2007 at the age of 21 years. Hence the title of Miss Universe Malaysia beat this year.

Continuing his career was, Deborah will be leaving to Brazil in August to spend the next month to compete with more than 80 Miss Universe competition which will represent their respective countries.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Most Beautiful Bollywood Artists

10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Artists | Photo Artis Sexy India - Bollywood Jagat beautiful artist known for its warehouse. Call it Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta, and much more. This is the most beautiful Bollywood stars 10 artists TheRichest version.

1. Aishwarya Rai

Had dreams of the architects. But her beauty was finally brought to the Miss World. After snatch the title Miss World 1994, she plunged into Bollywood film world.

2. Rani Mukerji

He might be the first Bollywood stars who finish college after diving into the world of film. Famous film Rani Mukerji in Hum Tum them, Veer-Zaara, Paheli, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Laaga Chunri Mein Daag, and Sanwariya.

3. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is a psychology graduate. Many successful films in the market. Recently, she starred in Heroes, Her Pall, and Heaven in Earth.

4. Deepika Padukone

She is the daughter of badminton legend Prakash Padukone India (Rudy Hartono peers).Currently, high school, Deepika also briefly joined a badminton club. In addition to the artist, Deepika has become brand ambassador Padulone Kingfisher Airlines.

5. Vidya Balan

Before the artist Bollywood, Vidya Balan is known as the star of the TV series.

6. Amisha Patel

Graduated from Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts. Debuted as an artist began in the film Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

7. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu Bollywood plunge into the world after success as a model.

8. Priyanka Chopra

He was the Miss Word 2000. Had she wanted to be software engineer after completing his studies in the United States.

9. Lara Dutta

Miss Universe 2000. His father's native India, her mother is from England. Lara Dutta is the first film produced in 2007 Partner.

10. Riya Sen

His mother (Suchitra Sen) and her grandmother (Moonmoon Sen) is a well-known Indian artist in eranya

Bollywood actress looks with and without make-up

Once again, the make-up plays an important role in the make over someone's face. If the makeup is very skillful, he can turn a face into another face, which makes even his relatives did not recognize him. Want proof? ... .. Look at the following Bollywood actress looks with and without make-up. The difference, really jauuuhhh!

Rani Mukherjee
bollywood stars

Vidya Balan
bollywood stars

Urmila Matondkar & Sushmita Sen
bollywood stars

bollywood stars

Sushmita Sen
bollywood stars

Priyanka Chopra
bollywood stars

bollywood stars

Priety Zinta
bollywood stars

Lara Dutta
bollywood stars

Katrina Kaif
bollywood stars

bollywood stars

Isha Kopikar
bollywood stars

Esha Deol
bollywood stars

bollywood stars

Deepika Padukone
bollywood stars

Bipasha Basu
bollywood stars

Amrita Arora
bollywood stars

Amisha Patel
bollywood stars

bollywood stars

Aishwarya Rai
bollywood stars

bollywood stars

New phase of Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon's first known world through his involvement in the film The Man in the Moon in 1991.

Since then, his name continued to rise sharply through the films are successful acting career on stage, such as Cruel Intentions, legally Blonde, Election and Sweet Home Alabama.

Even seen a little less publicity, ironically, Witherspoon is not Calang-Calang actress. Born in New Orleans, Lousiana, United States of America has swept many awards, including the late Oscar had won the role as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line movie.

Even through her acting in the same film, he received 16 awards in various Hollywood entertainment awards ceremony.

If you want to calculated the age of involvement, has 20 years of her standing with the glamorous world of work as early as age 15. On March 22 last, Witherspoon has reached the age of 35 years.

Actress Reese Witherspoon has swept many awards over the involvement of over 20 years as an actor.

Speaking about the increasing age, the actress who is currently hot with his latest film, Water for Elephants tells, the age of 35 years is a big thing for a woman. This is because according to Witherspoon, increasing age, he felt more confident. Not shy.

"I feel excited about my age now. Aged 35 years is a big thing for me. I feel more secure and confident. More confident and comfortable than when I was first in their 20s," the owner said his real name, Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon was .

While responding to the life and career is, Witherspoon said that life can sometimes be interpreted as a crazy life.

He said: "I had a somewhat crazy life. Sometimes I feel like he was boarding a train speed and do not know where to go so close to lose identity and are not sure what I did. So at one time, I feel like not able to handle all the things to come. "

Admit, when he almost lost his identity and was paralyzed, he always reminded himself that he did not live for the glamorous.But he lived for a simple life with his family, they run the same as other people.

NO fear. Witherspoon spent six months with the elephants was named Tia.

"So I wake up every day and remind myself that I'm living for my family and want to have fun with them," he said excitedly.

When Witherspoon talks about family life, he was actually referring to the way family life is undergone at a young age. He is married to the opposite lakonnya, actor Ryan Phillippe, at the age of 23 years. They were blessed with two children, Ava Elizabeth and Deacon Reese.

But seven years after marriage, the couple divorced. "It's very embarrassing," he said, referring to the divorce. Witherspoon also defines that the divorce as a disaster for him. It is painful, but so far he is still thinking about the reason behind the words of the spirit, all the pain will get better soon.

Let the divorce is still felt painful past, he did not kill the sense of the actress to get married again last year. He is now the wife of Jim Toth said, life is more meaningful today.

"That's why I say the age of 35 years now is a pride for me. I became more mature and know the meaning of life. Married to Toth is a good choice. He was a good man and I am fortunate to be his wife," he said, also Toth also like to tell her mother.

So excited about her new life, Witherspoon also said he wanted to increase the number of children because children love, and love the concept of family.

Rebecca Black: Popular because of ridicule

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Video Black 128 million fans watched on the Internet

SAY what the 13 year old singer, who obvious he had already created his own popularity in the world of music. Despite the great denounced the inaugural singles title came with a Thursday, Rebecca Black quickly became Internet sensations. Gained fame in the YouTube site through the song was to be.

No wonder his name is in the Top 10 when fans often search through Google in a week, beginning last April. Also listed is the Berita Harian Popular Star Award 2010 and the ninth season of Akademi Fantasia.Friday song uploaded on YouTube taking over the position of the song Baby dendangan Justin as a song that is often viewed, discussed, in addition to the public scorned. When this article was written, the video has already been seen over 128 million times! It turns out its strategy for creating successful phenomenon, even got the negative reaction of many.

Black followed a row of other artists, eg Justin, Yuna and Ana Raffali the medium of virtual pages to share talents. Luck is his side, but preferred the Black side of different.

Considered to have no talent, Black remains confident to continue her passion as a singer. Many have described the track Friday as the best worst song ever on this earth. Because of the song Black also received death threats via email and phone lines since last February.

"Singing became my passion. I like and love this area. In 2008 and 2009, I was involved in theater for a summer camp.It was the beginning for me to continue to drive interest in this field.
"The world that I have experienced is something new for me. However now I feel the world getting close to my heart sing. What I want to do is to sing and keep singing. In the past I was always singing in the shower. Now, I can sing anywhere, "said the ever participated in a talent search program.

This young singer realize his ambitions as a singer through the ARK Music Factory record label. His career began around the end of 2010 when the classmate started talking about the record companies. In the mean time, Black mothers are willing to pay some money to the ARK Music to publish the song Friday.

In addition to the song, also recorded the video clip. In addition to YouTube, the song was also sold on iTunes. The first month the song was uploaded on YouTube, it was viewed 1000.

Billboard estimates that around 40,000 units sold during the song Friday the first week it was launched from March 22 last. Funny song also climbed the charts and the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in New Zealand, ranked respectively 58 and 33.

Starting March 25 and also, Black began to get publicity officers and managers. The Manager has also confirmed there songwriters and record labels are keen to work together to produce a full album for Black.

"My song is titled after Friday LOL, that will be a new single for the album," he told an interview held a press.

But a few weeks later, through his Twitter site, Black said that there is no song called LOL as fact in the newspaper. In fact, it is nothing like the new single is rumored to be produced. What Black and managers before the fact is just mere propaganda?

Report on the Internet never mention, are beginning to recognize Black singing and songwriting career that began Friday 'haunted' on people who hate it will only remain in the virtual site. Meaning, dream called commercial singer has the possibility to be buried.

"Every time people talk about this song. He continues to stick in my head. At times it is also quite meloyakan me. The song was actually the subject of a prank that eventually haunt my life for years to come, "he who has made a special appearance in the program talk with Jay Leno, March.

Rebecca Black Info

  • Originally from Anaheim, California, Black has the blood of Spain, Italy, Poland and the UK.

  • Justin is quite interested in and hope for a duet with singer cute someday.

  • Website: www.rebeccablackonline.com

  • Born on June 21, 1997.

  • As a child, never aspired to be a ballet dancer in adulthood.

  • Besides singing, dancing and acting was like.

  • Excellent spoken and become a hot topic on the Twitter site.
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