Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cut Memey unencumbered status Cut Tari

The name of Cut Tari allegedly caught with a similar circulation of pornographic videos with him. In fact, lately, some of the Acehnese people who are domicile Cut Tari feel overloaded with what the dance. But it did not happen with the artist who is also from Aceh, Cut Memey.

"If I personally think it is a matter of him. Anyway, I'm also not so familiar with him, ya know that is limited to normal, and I also had the chance to play with the same soap opera," says Memey when found in Building Films,

Cases that experienced by Ariel and Luna Maya indeed been long tails. Even they had the demonstration in the area where they live. Is this also happens to Dance?

"If it was not to happen. The public also now knows what is good what is not, and people also do not equalize everything. People have to sort through," said Memey.

Is Memey friend also keep abreast of these areas? "To be honest from the first problem arises I never was too update. So I do not want to find out because I do not want to go in people's lives. You see, I have experienced and felt in his position he is, so for me it has been," he concluded.

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