Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cut Tari Will Cut Back at Police Headquarters Review

Artist Cut Tari Police Headquarters will be re-examined on Monday (6/21/2010) this afternoon related to the circulation of pornographic videos like himself. Inspection is a continuation of Tari examinations last week.

Inspection plan was unfolded by Head of Police Headquarters passenger Kombes detikhot Marwoto when contacted by phone, Monday (21/06/2010). But have not received any assurance plan Marwoto Tari arrival.

"Yeah scheduled like that, but I also have not received the assurance comes or not," explained Marwoto.

On examination Monday (6/14/2010) Last Tari checked for 8 hours. Unfortunately when Dance out through the door PUSLABFOR Police Headquarters, so do not be fooled reporters know of its existence. At that time, fast food commercials are out of the headquarters wearing a veil.

Until now Tari still as witnesses. Regarding porn videos like himself, he was still holding on to trust her husband and family who do not trust the woman in the video is him.

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