Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The died of Bruce Lee

The Hong Kong International Airport, when Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets waiting for the next flight, she and Syed Ahmad had entered a restaurant located inside the airport area. While awaiting the orders arrived, Dato 'Abdul Rahman has seen deeply regrets involved actors Bruce Lee fan, fans crowded the entrance of the restaurant. Bruce Lee was accompanied by a few personal guards. Dato 'deeply regrets' Abdul Rahman Syed Ahmad was asked to call the Bruce Lee to meet with him. As soon as Bruce Lee knew that a King would like to find the Malay Silat, the Bruce Lee have continued to rush toward the table where Dato 'Abdul Rahman was deeply regrets. After introducing himself as Bruce Lee, the King of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee is a very need to face with expert martial arts such as Dato 'deeply regrets' Abdul Rahman, was asked Dato' Abdul Rahman shows the ability to deeply regrets the mysticism of Malay Silat. Having driven many times, finally Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets it agrees with the request of Bruce Lee. Sitting face to face, Dato 'Abdul Rahman and deeply regrets releasing a buffet known as "Fan Senandung In Senandung. Blow Dato 'Abdul Rahman was deeply regrets the right to flank Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee shot up causing far behind, with the seats occupied. As a result of the impact of hitting Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets that, the area around the side of Bruce Lee in the long run has become swollen (up to fatal later).

In fact, the Dato 'Abdul Rahman develop deeply regrets Silat Seni Gayong, he has many times tried by experts of martial arts, whether from overseas or even local martial arts expert. In the mid-1950s, Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets ever beat a wrestler have a nation of Europe has twice the body size compared to her in Singapore. Wrestler who weighs 380 lb body is known as King Kong and is a world wrestling champion who never lost in his time. King Kong is a wrestler who likes to break the rules of wrestling.

Dato 'deeply regrets' Abdul Rahman was tried by the Japanese martial arts experts who have a nation Europe as Donn F. Draeger (1970), Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat (wrestler) and Jan de Jong (1980). Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets, despite the age at the time, only using a few of kudratnya to defeat the champions, champions of the foreign martial arts. Jan de Jong finally agreed to the power of Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets and finally asked for lessons with him. Because of Silat Seni Gayong can not be reduced to the non-Muslims, then taught Jan de Jong is the physical aspect of Silat Seni Gayong, which is in the form of a few tips about fishing in Silat Seni Gayong, as well as attack and defense techniques using weapons simbat (wood short). Moreover, Jan de Jong is a Jujitsu expert, he is very fond of lockdown and drop techniques. While in Soho, England in 1973, Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets ever pulled by a Chinese gang. At that time he was with Syed Ahmad Jamalullail. Dato 'Abdul Rahman was deeply regrets fighting with the bandits and the Chinese managed to beat the Chinese bandits. While visiting Osaka, Japan in 1970, Dato 'Abdul Rahman has tried deeply regrets his knowledge in the Japanese samurai. Japanese samurai were given penimbul by Dato 'Abdul Rahman deeply regrets that the Samurai is not surprised, seeing his skin burns when poured boiling hot water new.

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