Monday, April 5, 2010

Carissa Puteri

Late in 2008, artist Carissa Puteri ketiban love. After a long menjomblo, movie stars Ayat-Ayat Cinta is finally falling into the arms of a man. Who is that man? What is clear he is not the artist nor a Caucasian man.

Carissa refused to give further identity berth in men's hearts. "Incidentally I first met with him. So now I am still the process to explore a deeper relationship, "he said.

To be sure, continued Carissa, her boyfriend was not an albino, nor an artist. "The news he was once one of the artist. He's a regular person, not from the entertainment scene, "explained artist who had reportedly in love with Fedi Nuril location, opposite co-star in the film Paragraph-Ayat Cinta.

Although not a profession, Carissa called her boyfriend as a man who understands his activities as an artist and that's been looking for. "My boyfriend is understood by my activities and that's all I need. Good people, understanding and the coincidence one religion, "he said.

Unfortunately, just invented, Carissa had planned to leave her boyfriend. "I'll renewal year in Australia with family and friends alone. The plan is there for two weeks, "said Carissa.

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