Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Behind the Hollywood actress's beauty and good looks

Paris prominent figures of society who do not have eyes apparently normal in size in the left eye, which seems more wistful than the right, Many people have not noticed it because it was covered by hair style wah and make up to cover the state of his eyes.

Kate Bosworth
's eyes are always appear beautiful artist made without deficiencies, it appears well maintained and always in fashion. But look closer, his eyes look different colors, one blue, hazel color atunya again

Madona may often change hair styles, body styles, and clothing several times a year, but one thing can not change the physical, ie the distance between front teeth that can not ever be replaced

Lilly Allen
who Well here's a bit bw and gan: loud, (sorry not mean bw) doi did have a nipple / teat aka breast milk instead of two three-gan, and ashamed to admit it shamelessly doi gan. The fact still show shortcomings doi prefer it to the events hosted at the television station.

Doi who sang gan BF film soundtracks (Batman Forever),
Pop Star of "cute" is suffering from conditions that affect the face and scalp. Many fans think that the shortcomings that are characteristic became a distinct advantage, his own wife admitted

Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford mole. Some observers have argued that hollywood celebrities mole cindy cindy more famous than their own. When Cindy began began his career as an artist, he was asked to remove the droppings lalatnya, but fortunately failed request was executed as a result droppings lalatnya became a special characteristic of this supermodel in every smile

Will Smith
is one actor saktu ane gan pride, but the suspect turned out to greet the new ane know that doi have a problem in hearing

Megan Fox
No Ordinary as seen, this world's sexiest woman has a deficiency that could be considered. Actually two both - Doi had thumb that looks like clappers (stocky). This condition is experienced by approximately one out of 1000 people.

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