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Rebecca Black: Popular because of ridicule

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Video Black 128 million fans watched on the Internet

SAY what the 13 year old singer, who obvious he had already created his own popularity in the world of music. Despite the great denounced the inaugural singles title came with a Thursday, Rebecca Black quickly became Internet sensations. Gained fame in the YouTube site through the song was to be.

No wonder his name is in the Top 10 when fans often search through Google in a week, beginning last April. Also listed is the Berita Harian Popular Star Award 2010 and the ninth season of Akademi Fantasia.Friday song uploaded on YouTube taking over the position of the song Baby dendangan Justin as a song that is often viewed, discussed, in addition to the public scorned. When this article was written, the video has already been seen over 128 million times! It turns out its strategy for creating successful phenomenon, even got the negative reaction of many.

Black followed a row of other artists, eg Justin, Yuna and Ana Raffali the medium of virtual pages to share talents. Luck is his side, but preferred the Black side of different.

Considered to have no talent, Black remains confident to continue her passion as a singer. Many have described the track Friday as the best worst song ever on this earth. Because of the song Black also received death threats via email and phone lines since last February.

"Singing became my passion. I like and love this area. In 2008 and 2009, I was involved in theater for a summer camp.It was the beginning for me to continue to drive interest in this field.
"The world that I have experienced is something new for me. However now I feel the world getting close to my heart sing. What I want to do is to sing and keep singing. In the past I was always singing in the shower. Now, I can sing anywhere, "said the ever participated in a talent search program.

This young singer realize his ambitions as a singer through the ARK Music Factory record label. His career began around the end of 2010 when the classmate started talking about the record companies. In the mean time, Black mothers are willing to pay some money to the ARK Music to publish the song Friday.

In addition to the song, also recorded the video clip. In addition to YouTube, the song was also sold on iTunes. The first month the song was uploaded on YouTube, it was viewed 1000.

Billboard estimates that around 40,000 units sold during the song Friday the first week it was launched from March 22 last. Funny song also climbed the charts and the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in New Zealand, ranked respectively 58 and 33.

Starting March 25 and also, Black began to get publicity officers and managers. The Manager has also confirmed there songwriters and record labels are keen to work together to produce a full album for Black.

"My song is titled after Friday LOL, that will be a new single for the album," he told an interview held a press.

But a few weeks later, through his Twitter site, Black said that there is no song called LOL as fact in the newspaper. In fact, it is nothing like the new single is rumored to be produced. What Black and managers before the fact is just mere propaganda?

Report on the Internet never mention, are beginning to recognize Black singing and songwriting career that began Friday 'haunted' on people who hate it will only remain in the virtual site. Meaning, dream called commercial singer has the possibility to be buried.

"Every time people talk about this song. He continues to stick in my head. At times it is also quite meloyakan me. The song was actually the subject of a prank that eventually haunt my life for years to come, "he who has made a special appearance in the program talk with Jay Leno, March.

Rebecca Black Info

  • Originally from Anaheim, California, Black has the blood of Spain, Italy, Poland and the UK.

  • Justin is quite interested in and hope for a duet with singer cute someday.

  • Website:

  • Born on June 21, 1997.

  • As a child, never aspired to be a ballet dancer in adulthood.

  • Besides singing, dancing and acting was like.

  • Excellent spoken and become a hot topic on the Twitter site.
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