Saturday, July 3, 2010

Various Presumption of Death Park Yong-ha

DEATH Winter Sonata star Park Yong-ha, who committed suicide at his home Wednesday and still have not determined the cause.

Since his father suffer from stomach cancer, Park through the days very difficult. She worried about her health as a result semakit severe disease.

Meanwhile, a friend of 32-year-old actor tells Park to take the decision to stay and take care of his father full time. Feeling pity for her father to cause him as to blame but themselves.

Besides perasaanitu, another reason he killed himself that allows him was the failure of the business earns.

Young man who was born on August 12, 1977 that have their own business and his father is a director of a company earns.

As cited portal Soompi, business carried on Park and his father is not running smoothly. One of the managers in the industry have committed financial fraud resulting in the loss company.

Problem more complicated when his debt with a large amount because other people want to settle the debt. Park also said intends to sell his car to carry out the debt.

Meanwhile, the ejection song Just For Yesterday was also suffering from insomnia since 14 years ago. It is said to occur since starting his career in the entertainment world.

Through accounts Twitternya, Park was told that he was taking sleeping medication every night.

Will all this lead Park to suspend himself in his house? Sure, winning the Best Asian Artist Japan Gold Disc Awards will not leave any letters before committing suicide.

He could only say sorry over and over again to his father the night before the incident.

Despite the unknown cause of death Park, the family rejected the body of Park was opened to investigate. The late film star The Scam was buried in a traditional Buddhist ceremony, yesterday.

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