Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrities Collection: Paris Hilton Boyfriend- The Malaysian?

Paris Hilton is said to have a male friend of the man from Malysia Malaysia.Teman is alleged to be a millionaire. Who is he? Is he boyfriend of Paris Hilton?

In Jilbab today reported that Malaysia is a multi-millionaire Taek Jho Low. The syoknya, experts from Malaysia did not even know who this Taek Jho Low. It millionaire Taek Jho Low ni very mysterious. So, who is Taek Jho Low? If you read the article below, as if Taek Jho Low giler ni rich against the richest in the world.

NEW YORK - Some celebrities website revealed that the millionaire with a celebrity Paris Hilton in Paris is Taek Jho Low.

Several websites, including magazine OK! report last Friday, Paris underwent a photography session on a boat in Paris by wearing sexy pink dress.

Celebrities that are in Paris with her sister, Nicky Hilton during the photography session.

According to the magazine OK!, Malaysian tycoon is labeled as a mystery man, and he reportedly spent huge sums of money at clubs around the world.

Previously, Paris saw the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa to take a private jet from London to the Malaysian delegation millionaire.

Malaysian tycoon who is getting the attention of magazines and celebrity websites in the West?

On 8 November 2009, the New York Post reported the presence of Low, aged 20's, who is a graduate of Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, USA in nightclubs in New York to spend thousands of dollars in the past three months.

Low a concentration of newspapers when he along with several celebrities such as singer P. Diddy is in a known location in the city.

The newspaper also labeled Low as a mysterious man from Malaysia.

According to the newspaper, which gave gempal Low and glassy eyes reported never send drink 23 bottles of Cristal to actress Lindsay Lohan to celebrate his birthday.

Owners club Pink Elephant on 27th Street, New York, David Sarner said to the newspaper, Low usually spend U.S. $ 50,000 (RM161, 150) to U.S. $ 60,000 (RM193, 380) yesterday.

According to him, had flown eight servers Low club to attend a party in Malaysia.

According to the newspaper, Low birth anniversary was celebrated in an extravagant party in Las Vegas and the actress Megan Fox reportedly flown to attend the party.

New York Post report, it is very strange because not much information about the man who was widely noticed.

According to the newspaper, according to an official biography of the man, he served as an advisor to several international companies.

However, when the New York P
ost tried to interview experts in Malaysia as the thinkers of the Council of Foreign Relations, have never heard the name Low.

According to newspaper sources, Low lived in an apartment with a rental rate of U.S. $ 100,000 (RM322, 300) a month at the Park Imperial, which is the location of features James Bond actor Daniel Craig and P. Diddy.

He will not go to any unless accompanied by a security guard.

On 24 March, the New York Post report Low pay U.S. $ 33 million (RM106.35 million) for a penthouse in a Central Park West which recorded record sales in New York.

U.S. billionaire, Donald Trump bought the apar
tment at a price of U.S. $ 5 million (RM16.11 million) in 1997 before selling it a year later at a price of U.S. $ 10.4 million (RM33.51 million) to the Italian film, Vittorio Checchi Gori.

Press reports Low buy it through a penthouse.

On July 1 last, the New York Post reported that the mysterious man left the apartment at the Park Imperial headed to an unknown location.

His name then find it again in magazines and websites Hollywood celebrity after he was reported to be common in Paris. - Agencies - Kosmo

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