Monday, December 12, 2011

Do not link me again - Neelofa

Since Young Tigers football team ni rising, so the first public interest in them. Syed is not sure many of the most proud of their achievements is impressive enough tu. 

But when given the continuing publicity, many people began to take note.Recent public began to see the artist who became interested in them ni. 

Neelofa one of them, he began to warm to the name associated with one of his young players. All sorts of versions of a story that includes an invitation Neelofa Syed heard that I invite our players dinner. 

But there are some fans who come not satisfied when there are artists like Neelofa the interests of football. All sorts of accusations and some who are willing to spread the e-mail says will drop artists like Neelofa moral reasons players crowding the ball players. 

Syed spoke to recently Neelofa ni. He was surprised to be associated with the name of Young Tigers, while some players between him she did not have any relationship. 

"I know people talk so much about the case of tu. But what else can I say other than laugh. My interest in football but not until I himpit any player. 

"From what I know, even a Apex. That because he knew he was popular and a great goalkeeper but it does not know up close. The other players at all I do not know. 

"When I returned recently from Lombok ni, so that many of my twit about Nazmi Faiz. I do not know the players personally tu. He asked if he would laugh with the dissemination of stories by people who are satisfied ni. 

"To those who spread bad stories about me that, be patient. I do not like where they claim because I do not like that. People can do all sorts of stories but also have to know basis. 

"Never mind, as long as our players succeed in their careers is good enough," said Miss 2012 will host this again.

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