Thursday, September 9, 2010

Top Bollywood Celebrities - Katrina, Kareena, Deepika

Throughout the years celebrities from the film industry has become a thing for young people from developing countries India. On the continent of India on the photo list celebrities continue to update the time and their popularity is primarily controlled by the films provided by them.

In the last two months have not been made into blockbuster movie period. However, the celebrity of defending their position. Here we have discussed a number of celebrity women on India.

Katrina Kaif - first. Indian celebrity has ruled the hearts of the Indians and the mind blowing action and a very interesting and international look, for more than a year. He has a big fan of all the group's most popular celebrity collection, now-a-days and the police have to face difficult times, according to sources. Attitude and instinctive actor, basically to act also play an important role in the advancement to the position of number one. This is also expected that it will remain the number-one position it for a long time.

Kareena Kapoor - The number two. According to the evaluation of the celebrity industry, the number two hot photo Kareena Kapoor. Derived from the Kapoor family, he is the actor most menyilaukan in the industry and look funny, courageous, and act in good style has developed with time. He has done very well in the last year and two, and this claim his number two position in the photo. Younger people want to see Kareena Kapoor wallpapers, movie very much.

Deepika Padukone - Total three. After the film released only a handful of new faces that appear in the photo is Miss Deepika Padukone, it has been doing well up in the whole he was placed on King Khan - Shahrukh Khan. He was ordered list of most searched names (for Indian actors) in the world. All this may be because he was very distressed to act in the first film, Om Shanti Om.

Results here are derived using a search engine such as yahoo, Google etc and registration as Popular Celebrity photos continue to change with time, so you always have to update itself.

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